Sound Wave Jewellery Bangle Bracelet Best Gift for Birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day

Sound Wave Jewellery Bangle Bracelet Best Gift for Birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day – Stainless Steel Voice Wave Cuff Bracelet Bangle Record Your Message on Bangle for Loved Ones – Charming Soundwave Bangle Bracelet with Personalized Message


  • Latest Voice / Sound Wave Bangle
  • Record your send, we’ll embed it on the bracelet
  • Comes in three unique colours (Gold, Silver, Rose Gold)
  • Free luxury gift box and a personalized message


This state-of-the-art Sound Wave Cuff Bracelet is something that you may want as you can record a message and embed it via QR code. As different as it looks, this Voice Wave Bracelet for Women, Girls, Ladies do not require a specific wardrobe but rather go along whatever you’re wearing. So, now you can send important and romantic messages to your family and loved ones with this amazing 316L Stainless Steel Soundwave Bracelet Bangle.


This remarkable Sound Wave Jewellery Bangle Armlet comes in 3 beautiful colours; Gold, Silver and Rose Gold. It is pure metallic made with 316L Stainless-Steel. Dimensions are; width 4mm and flexible diameter (inner size) of 60mm. It’s easily adjustable and washable. It’s Silver- and Gold-plated polish makes it erosion, allergy-free.

Items Included:

This unique looking one of its kind Voice Wave Bangle Bracelet comes with just the bracelet and guidelines on how you can record a voice message and embed it on this bracelet.

How can I record the message on the Soundwave bracelet?

Simply, record a message with your phone, send it to us and we will embed your message on this bracelet as a QR code. Once the item reaches you, scan the QR code on the bracelet and the recorded message will be played to the bracelet holder.


Post Box Jewellery offers a FREE luxury gift box and a FREE personalized message.